My AC Schnitzer S3 Sport CLS Replica
My Journey into BMW's started back in '95. I have always been a car fanatic but always saw BMW's as "yuppie cars", and not driving cars. That all changed one night when a friend of mine let me drive his brand new '95 M3. I pretty much took that car out and flogged the s**t outta it. It was at that point that I realized that BMW's were drivers cars and not just yuppie carts. How could I have been so blind for all those years?! To say the least, I was totally hooked after that and just had to have one.

Over the course of the next year, I did everything I could to try to afford buying an M3. I sold my motorcycle (a '95 Kawasaki ZX7), my truck (a 1991 Toyota 4Runner) and everything else I could. Sometime around that time, I found out about AC Schnitzer and began dreaming about owning a completely AC schnitzerized M3. I read about their S3 Sport CLS, and the incredible CLSII and wished that I could buy one of those (yeah right! They never imported any of those here to the US!) When the time came to try to buy a car, I realized that I just couldn't afford everything I wanted for the car and decided to hold off.

Fast Forward to 2003. Having given up on buying an E36 M3, I was now driving a '97 Toyota Tacoma. One day while driving over to my parents house, fate drives me into the back of a parked car. A month later I find out that the truck is totalled. Now the daunting task of what to replace it with. I think about the possible replacement candidates. If I was to buy a new car, the only cars that i'd probably be interested in would be the new Subaru Impreza STi, or the Mitsubishi Evo VIII. Other possibilities are an E30 M3 and an E36 M3.

After a very short time thinking about it, I decided on the E36 M3. Honestly, it wasn't a very hard decision. The Mistu and Subie are nice cars, and probably faster than the M3, but they just don't speak to my soul like the Bimmer does. I honestly couldn't picture myself driving either of those cars. The E30 M3 is a sweet car (one day i'd like to own one also), but might be a bit tough as a daily driver. The E36 M3 on the other hand fit the bill perfectly. So the search began for som e36 M3 candidates...

The car I was originally looking for was a Silver '95 M3 with a black leather interior, no luxury package, and less than 75,000 miles. Months went by with no luck at all in finding a car that fit my criteria. It seemed like every (and I mean EVERY!) silver '95 M3 with a black interior came with the luxury package! I was almost ready to give up when I toop a peek on Ebay to see if there were any M3's.
I looged in, did a search and a bunch of cars came up. One was listed an an AC Schnitzer S3. I clicked on it, and low and was an E36 with the AC Schnitzer CLS widebody kit and 18" AC Schnitzer Type II 3-piece wheels. I looked at the pics and everything and it appeared to have just about everything that I originally (back in '95-96) wanted to put on my M3 if I bought it. The car was actually a '96 and was originally a 328is, but the original owner swapped in a 3.2L S52 M3 engine into it. It was white. Now, this wasn't the year, color, or model that I was looking for, but the AC Schnitzer parts pretty much closed the deal for me with the car...especially since the widebody kit, wheels, and a lot of the AC Schnitzer stuff were NLA from AC Schnitzer! To make a long story short...I set my sights on buying this car, and a month later the car was sitting in my driveway!
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